Eliana Bejanaro – Lawyer, Smart Cities Expert, GovTech, E-Mobility, Sustainability, Big Data

Lawyer (Universidad Externado de Colombia), specialized in law and international legal culture, excellent handling and fluency of the english language, intermediate level of italian, and currently practicing French and Catalan. Professional practice focused on government, international business, consulting in smart cities, electromobility and digital transformation of public administration (GovTech).


Private sector:

Zigurat Global Institute of Technology. Professor – advisor: Master’s in Global Smart Cities Manager (current)

Block 2 “understanding smart cities” – emphasis on smart government.

Independent consultant for the digital transformation of governments. (current)

Advice on public policies in digital transformation of governments and smart cities.
Next project: Coordination and content preparation for the new GovTech Master, with the UDIMA University.

Born in Commerce. International Director for the USA and the European Union (february 2017- february 2019)

Consulting on public policies, good governance and access to international markets.


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