Marina Ostrowski – Founder Marina Os., Real Estate, Creative Industries

Marina Ostrowski started her career in the fields of Creative Industries more than 20 years ago and has since moved on to connect the dots to the Real Estate sector in 2008 when she moved to Berlin. Officially Marina Os. Was founded in 2008 with a commitment to Real Estate projects that engage and enhance local community life through art, design, and culture.
Marina Os. uses design, culture, brand identity and events to help clients develop buildings and brands that foster culture and creativity. She has developed and consulted on projects in more than 15 different cities/countries across Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Asia. With each venture, the company strives to innovate, broaden cultural bridges and build strategic pathways to lead clients and communities towards a more prosperous future and sustainable cities.

Marina Os. consults the Real Estate sector, engages with Creative Industries and develops sustainable bridges between these two different fields. Working with international investors, she advised how to invest sustainably — developing strategic concepts that consider attractive returns on investment, shared economy and a purposeful approach. Marina believes innovation is to be found in the gap between numbers and creativity and uses Creative Industries as a driver for economic growth.
“Our projects contribute to exposing the full potential of the cities in which we operate by activating the creative economy to support sustainable development.”

Marina has a Masters of Arts in Communications from the London College of Communications and a BA (hons) degree in Design Studies & Marketing from London Guildhall University. She speaks English, Russian, German, French and Portuguese. Born in Baku, raised in Cologne, educated in London, Marina now lives in Lisbon.

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