Nelson Rosado – Músico, Autor, Compositor, Empreendedor

One of the wings of the duo Anjos, a band with more than 20 years of career, was born in Lisbon, but says he was “adopted by the fantastic municipality of Seixal” from an early age. Here he lived until he got married, and this was the scenario that accompanied him in most of his musical creations.

Currently living in neighboring Sesimbra, Nelson Rosado guarantees that the sunset over Seixal Bay does not rival any other. As it says that “the flavors and colors” of this city are unique, which shows the “exemplary tradition with regard to cultural, sports and recreational promotion”.

Here he started to study music at the age of seven and started his career, alongside his brother, as he has always done and wants to continue doing. With his family at the top of his priorities, the musician chooses the Urban Park of Seixal for his meetings. The visitor recommends that you do not forget to try a trip on a traditional boat to the tidal mill of Corroios.

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