Federico de Arteaga Vidiella – Leader of the Tequila Smart City Project and Ruta del Tequila

• Director of Grupo JB (Cuervo).
• Leader of the Tequila Smart City Project and Ruta del Tequila.
• Expert in Smart Cities and Sustainable Tourist Destinations.
Main experience
• Inter-American Development Bank / IDB LAB 2005-2009. Washington. DC and Mexico.
• Center for Latin American Monetary Studies (CEMLA). 2003-2005, Mexico.
• Consultant UNDP, UNIDO, IDB.
• PhD in Social Responsibility and Innovation – Universidad Anáhuac.
• Master Business Administration (MBA). Catholic University of Uruguay.
• Agricultural engineer. Agronomy faculty. University of the Republic of Uruguay.


• Tequila Smart City, 2017. Concept and Coordination.
• Tequila – La Ruta de los Sentidos, 2014. Concept and Coordination.
• Los Sentidos de Tequila – The Spirit of Mexico, 2013. Concept and Coordination.

University Professor at Universidad Anáhuac
• Master of Economics. Course: Strategic Planning and Projects.
• Bachelor of Corporate Social Responsibility. Subject: Strategic Planning.

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